Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sunday, 12/9/2018 to Saturday, 12/15/2018 - Freezeroo #1 --- IN PROGRESS

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I ran 4 times: 22.77 miles.
I took x steps according to my Pebble 2 HR smart watch.
Common abbreviations: OMEP is my Orange Mud Endurance Pack and NT360 is my NoxGear Tracer360 vest.

Sunday, 12/9/2018: 12720 steps during the day, 9.45 miles, 1:18:38, 8:19 pace, 27F, 74% RH, 9 mph SW wind, wind chill 18F, overcast.

I got up, got dressed and got out there for my usual Sunday long run. The weather was just about the same as yesterday so I wore about the same: CX-X tights, Darn Tough socks, a long sleeve tech, my Brooks 1/4 zip pullover, balaclava, Brooks beanie and ski mittens. I am pretty predictable in the winter. I just go with what works. It was overcast so I didn't bother with sunglasses. I set up a easy and steady pace to start with and just go it done. I was tempted to go for 11 miles but turned around at Long Pond Rd to do a 15K. My splits were: 8:20, 8:24, 8:21, 8:26, 8:19, 8:17, 8:19, 8:22, 8:17 and 7:51 over the last 0.45 mile. Boom ... done. I opened the townhouse door to hear the sweet sounds of the post-run coffee brewing.

I could have gotten stuff done ... but I didn't. I really should ... yes ... I really should. Oh well.

Monday, 12/10/2018: 7414 steps during the day, rest day.

Tuesday, 12/11/2018: 9417 steps during the day, rest day.

The usual "life got in the way" of running excuse. I needed to grocery shop so I got it done. Christine had made not 1 but 2 pumpkin pies.  The first piece was delicious!

Wednesday, 12/12/2018: x steps during the day, 8.65 miles, 1:13:06, 8:27 pace, 28F, 96% RH, 6 mph SW wind, wind chill 22F, overcast

This Wednesday run was a struggle. I didn't have the usual pep before the run. I added a bit of distance by running the majority of the side streets north of Janes Rd plus there was the cold wind. I just felt off and struggled a bit on the way back. But ... I got it done. My splits were: 8:04, 8:37, 8:15, 8:19, 8:20, 8:40, 8:40, 8:36 and 8:34 over the last 0.65 mile.

Thursday, 12/13/2018: x steps during the day, rest day.

Your basic "stuff gets in the way" day. Christine was felt down so I brought some supper home.

Friday, 12/14/2018: x steps during the day, rest day.

Saturday, 12/15/2018: x steps during the day, 2 runs of 1.55 and 3.12 miles, 39F, 93% RH, 6 mph NE wind, wind chill 36F, overcast.

Today's race was Freezeroo #1, the first Freezeroo of six in the GRTC 2018-2019 season. It was my seventh Freezeroo #1, 2 were a 5 mile version at Pineways Park in 2010 and 2011 (36:44 and 34:18) and 5 at Northstar Christian Academy in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 (22:52, 21:41, 22:06, 22:11 and today's 22:04).

My alarm went off at 6:45 AM ... but I went back to sleep and woke up around 7:30 AM. No worries ... I had plenty of time. I had my usual pre-race of cereal and banana and puttered around a bit like usual. It was 37F so I dressed in the usual: CW-X tights, Darn Tough socks, short sleeve tech and Brooks 1/4 zip long sleeve pullover. I got out a bit early so I was down to NCA by 8:50 AM. I went in to get my bib and GRTC series gift. This year's gift was a GRTC blue and white scarf ... sweet!

Now ... the Fleet Feet Reindeer Run 5K was at 8:30 AM. I had thought about doing the double 5K .... so I thought that Prem Kumar would do it. I saw him and asked him ... he did! He ran a 20:23 (close to his PR) and said he was running easy (sure). I got out for a really nice and easy warm up run with Bill Beyerbach of 1.55 miles at 9:26 pace.

I was a bit warm after my warm up run so I took my short sleeve tech off from under my Brooks 1/4 zip long sleeve pullover. I lined up next to Andy Ciaio like usual and waited for the start ... and we were off! This Freezeroo course was a twisty turny out out and back. So ... twist and turn we did. I hit "One Mile" Pete as he said "7 minutes!" I was running well ... Heather Patterson with her dual pigtails had passed me, Andy was just ahead, Bill and Prem were behind me. Bill passed me at the turnaround when I took it wide. I kept my pace as fast as I could. Prem passed me around mile 2.25. I asked if he was running easy ... he answered that he was ... lol! I took off after him ... I wanted to keep him in sight. Down the last straight ... around the buildings ... 3 mile sign ... digital clock just over 22 ... sprint ... done in 22:04! Fastest 5K of 2018 by 45 seconds! Nice!

I fist bumped Andy and Bill before I went inside for some nice post race grub (PB&J sandwiches, trail mix, donuts and chocolate milk) and conversation. Carolyn Kristen told me about her first 0 Degree WTF! trail race last weekend ... she didn't know about the course or the rope to climb the hill before the race, lol! Trail races can be ... interesting!

I went out with Bill after the race to have some post race breakfast and coffee at Mel's Diner at the corner of Maiden Lane and Mount Read. We caught up on what's been up in our world. It was a short turnaround back at our townhouse before I had to leave again. My next task was to take my daughter, Karen, out to America's Best so she could get measured for new glasses.

I caught up with the official results from Hour Glass Works. I finished in 22:04, 38th out of 184, results here. I was 4th out of 20 in my M 60-64 age group, link here.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Sunday, 12/2/2018 to Saturday, 12/8/2015 - 0 Degree WTF!

I ran 3 times: 22.79 miles.
I took 69,720 steps according to my Pebble 2 HR smart watch.
Common abbreviations: OMEP is my Orange Mud Endurance Pack and NT360 is my NoxGear Tracer360 vest.

Sunday, 12/2/2018: 17308 steps during the day, 11.05 miles, 1:30:38, 8:12 pace, 46F, 93% RH, 13 mph S wind, wind chill 41F, overcast with a few sprinkles in the middle

I was up at 6:55 AM and puttered around like usual with a pre-run bowl of cereal along with catching up on Facebook and emails. It was in the mid 40s so I wore shorts, a short sleeve and long sleeve tech, earwarmers and light Brooks running gloves. I set up a nice pace with the wind to my back on the way out to Lowden Point Rd. But ... not so much on the way back with the wind in my face. I also ran out of energy and struggled a bit. It doesn't look it when you look at my pace though. But ... I got it done. My splits were: 8:12, 8:04, 8:05, 8:02, 8:03, 8:12, 8:11, 8:21, 8:22, 8:27 and 8:15.

A couple mugs of coffee soon ensued along with doing 3 loads of laundry. I watched the Bills - Miami game down in Miami. The Bills had their chances but stupid penalties didn't help. Their rookie QB, Josh Allen, ran for 135 yards (runs of 28, 26 and 25 yards helped) and almost had a game winning TD on his last throw. But ... the Bills lost 21-17, link here. It had warmed up to the mid 50s (high was 58) so I rushed out and vacuumed out the Cruzes before it got dark.

Monday, 12/3/2018: 5139 steps during the day, rest day.

Yeah ... 24 hours after a high of 58F .... it snowed when I drove home. Rochester weather in December ... don't put away your winter coat.

Tuesday, 12/4/2018: 6522 steps during the day, rest day.

My darling wife, Christine, noticed that I didn't have a dentist appointment so she made one for yesterday for today at 4:30 PM at the same time as hers. So ... instant date night! We went out to eat at Sticky Lips in Henrietta. Verdict ... the beef brisket was OK but not warm. We should have said something but we were hungry so we just ate it. I think we will try the Texas Roadhouse out on Ridge Rd next time we are in the mood for BBQ.

Wednesday, 12/5/2018: 6828 steps during the day, rest day.

Yes, another rest day. I let my achy knees talk me out of running. I don't much like running in the dark either ...even with my NT360 and headlamp from eBay. I am keeping the batteries separate from the headlamp though.

Thurday, 12/6/2018: 14832 steps during the day, 6.56 miles, 53:54, 8:13 pace, 34F, 75% RH, 13 mph WSW wind, wind chill 25F, overcast

I needed to run ... when, where and how long? Well ... I got back to B601 at 800 Lee Rd just before 11 AM so ... why not now in the daylight, from B601 and a nice and steady run of 6.46 miles? I hadn't done a before lunch run in quite a while. I set up a nice and steady pace into the wind down Lee Rd. The Erie Canal had just a dusting of snow on it and was runnable. There were some shady spots where it was covered with about 1/2 inch of snow. My splits were: 8:26, 8:16, 8:12, 8:25, 8:15, 8:09 and 7:32 over the last 0.56 mile.

Friday, 12/7/2018: 7550 steps during the day, rest day.

I had a notice on my Harris office that told me that my office would be carpeted on Tuesday night. It's a good excuse to go through all my crap that I have accumulated. I wish I had that motivation (ala time pressure) to do that at home.

Saturday, 12/8/2018: 11541 steps during the day, 5.18 miles, 59:38 (didn't turn off for a minute), 11:31 pace, 28F, 69% RH, 14 mph W wind, wind chill 17F, partly sunny

Today's race was the TrailsROC 0 Degree WTF! held down in Powder Mill Park down in Perinton. This race has a 5 mile loop can be run in 1 loop (11 AM start), 2 loops (10:30 AM start) or 3 loops (10 AM start). I have run the 3 loop version in 2014 - 3:37:00, 2015 - 3:21:21 and 2016 - 3:12:30. The 2 loop race was renamed the Jill Jackett Memorial 10 miler. Jill Jackett was killed by a hit and run driver on a training run near the U of R on 12/1/2017, link here. The 1 loop race was renamed the Lisa Vallone Memorial 5 miler. Lisa died recently, obituary here. I ran it to support Mike, her husband (he hugged me when he saw me).

I got down there around 10:10 AM. I saw Andy Ciaio as I parked the 2014 Cruze. I parked right next to his car as a matter of fact. He was running the 2 loop. I got my bib and walked around a bit. There was about 2 inches of snow on the ground and a bit of ice on the parking lot. I saw people with various traction devices (Yak Trak or Micro Spikes) ... and here I was with just my trusty and old Salomon SpeedCross 3 trail shoes with a bit over 800 miles on them. I was a bit nervous but what could I do? I have run enough to know that all I could do was take it easy and concentrate on my footing. It's not rocket science. It's putting one foot in front of the other while making sure that you absolutely concentrate on where you are putting that foot and looking out for obstacles in the instant before you plant that foot. Trail running is fun but can be dangerous if you are not careful ... but at least you don't have to worry about cars, lol!

I got to the start line a bit after Eric Eagan gave out some instructions ... something about ice and be careful. Prem Kubar came through the start/finish line after completing his first loop a couple of minutes before the start of my one loop race. Mike Vallone talked a bit about how this race was Lisa's first trail race, how much he loved her and how much he misses her. There were some family members that wore personalized T-shirts who were running the race. Death can come for us and those whom we love at any time ... make sure you hug them a little tight when you say goodbye.

And ... we were off! It was a bit of a scrum at first. I almost tripped over a large branch in the first 100 yards but I managed to keep going. The first hill or two was a bit slow to climb with everyone bunched together. Everyone was spread out after a mile. So ... up, down, left, right, look out for any ice or roots or rocks, keep running, walk the hills (if necessary). The girl in the banana suit was a welcome distraction for a few seconds. The steep hill across Woolston Rd at mile 3 was as steep as ever. Then the even steeper but merciful shorter hill with the rope just after crossing back across Woolston Rd mile 4 was also just as steep as ever. I didn't really use the rope too much. I did stop for a few seconds to catch my breath when I got to the top though. But ... I just kept running. I passed Prem on his second loop just before I finished. And ... I gave Eric Eagan a high five ... done! I saw and talked to Amy Lord for a minute before I remembered to turn off my Garmin.

The obligatory post 0 Degree WFT! selfie
I hung out for a minute before I went into the lodge for a bowl of vegan vegetable soup and some cookies. I talked with Chris Barry from Newark and Andy Ciaio for a bit before I changed into my 2018 DCSR hoodie.

The results were posted shortly after I got home. I finished in 58:38, 22nd out of 74, 2nd out of 7 in my M 60-69 age group, results here. The 10 miler had 55 finishers (Andy was 21st in 1:55:25), results here. The 15 miler had 37 finishers (Prem was 23rd in 3:07:33), results here.

The usual 2 mugs of coffee and some serious relaxing ensued. I do love running races!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Sunday, 11/25/2018 to Saturday, 12/1/2018

I ran 4 times: 30.0 miles.
I took 65,981 steps according to my Pebble 2 HR smart watch.
Common abbreviations: OMEP is my Orange Mud Endurance Pack and NT360 is my NoxGear Tracer360 vest.

Sunday, 11/25/2018: 9311 steps during the day, 6.25 miles, 52:07, 8:20 pace, 8:20 pace, 43F, 87% RH, 5 mph SSW wind, overcast.

I was up at 6:10 AM and out just before sunrise again. I wore what I wore the day before. It was a bit warmer than yesterday and it turned out I was a bit overdressed. I wasn't feeling like a long run on the fourth day of running in a row (Thursday - 7.3, Friday - 5.15 and Saturday - 9.45). so I just went for an out and back 10K at a light and steady pace. My splits were: 8:21, 8:16, 8:19, 8:23, 8:22, 8:21 and 8:16 over the last 0.25 mile. I was done and back before 8:15 AM. A couple cups of coffee ensued per usual.

So ... a long four day Thanksgiving weekend. I didn't enter it with an agenda of getting things done. I just relaxed and let the days happen. I ran 4 days in a row. I didn't get much of anything else done and I am OK with that. Maybe the next long weekend I will make more of a commitment to get something done.

Monday, 11/26/2018: 4469 steps during the day, rest day.

My knees were a bit cranky when I went down stairs. I did run 4 days in a row ... lol!

Tuesday, 11/27/2018: 14244 steps during the day, 6.45 miles, 54:22, 8:26 pace, 34F, 86% RH, 16 mph WNW wind, wind chill 24F, overcast with light snow

Yes, there was a light snow and wind but it was Tuesday so I ran. I had my running gear in the car and took a hour of vacation so I could run before it got dark ... which was a good thing as it turned out.

I dressed warmer than usual: CW-X tights, Darn Tough socks, long sleeve tech, Brooks 1/4 zip long sleeve pullover, heavy running gloves, balaclava, Brooks beanie, NT360 vest and my charged headlamp. I parked on Jane Rd by the I390 overpass since I wanted to run over to the LOSP trail to stay off the road as much as possible. The LOSP trail will be OK to run until it gets really icy or snow covered. I lit up NT360 vest and set out east at a nice and steady pace. The wind was a bit cold and I was glad that I had overdressed. My hands eventually warmed up ... eventually. I only had to worry about 2 road crossings (Dewey and Greenleaf). It started to get dark on the way back. No worries ... I clicked on my headlamp ... nothing. Well ... it must have gotten bounced around in my running bag and drained its batteries. So ... I just had my NT360 vest as I ran on Island Cottage and Janes Rd back to the 2014 Cruze. I made it back since as it got completely dark. My splits were: 8:17, 8:31, 8:28, 8:32, 8:24, 8:21 and 8:27 over the last 0.45 mile.
My headlamp, batteries and charger (all bought off of eBay)
I commented about my lack of light to my smart wife, Christine. She suggested that I pack my light and batteries separately so it can't do this again. Mmm ... smart idea!
Christine rocking her nails. I think the color is China Rogue.
Christine broke one of her nails making supper ... an emergency trip to Polish Me Up stat! Ok ... her appointment will be on Monday.

Wednesday, 11/28//2018: 6348 steps during the day, rest day.

Thursday, 11/29/2018: 6592 steps during the day.

I had all my running gear but ... pushed my run to Friday. I knew I was taking Friday off so I'll run three days in a row: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, 11/30/2018: 15951 steps during the day, 11.05 miles, 1:32:14, 8:21 pace, 34F, 86% RH, calm, overcast.

Well ... today is our 6th wedding anniversary with my darling wife, Christine. I am sure that we will get some shenanigans in during the day ... like going to dinner or such. But first things first.

I had the day off as a Ricoh floating holiday but first I needed to get a run in. The scale says I have gained 8 pounds up to 173 ... ugghh! Anyway ... the weather was around freezing with calm winds so I wore my usual gear: CW-X tight, Darn Tough socks, a short sleeve tech and Brooks 1/4 zip pullover, Brooks beanie and heavy running gloves. I needed 11 miles so I just headed out to Lowden Point Rd. I set up a nice and steady pace. I felt a bit sluggish but I pushed through it. My splits were: 8:28, 8:17, 8:18, 8:15, 8:21, 8:17, 8:21, 8:20, 8:16, 8:28 and 8:28.

Christine and I were a bit miffed with each other all morning and into the afternoon until she had the common sense to make sure that we cured that before it festered. Mission accomplished ... lol! Then we headed out to The Distillery for an anniversary dinner. We used a coupon for a buy one entree get one free coupon that Christine had in her inbox. She had the Guiness Bacon Burger and I had the Hangover Burger. Both were a bit greasy since we both had them cooked medium but they were quite tasty.

It's the end of November so it's stat time!

I ran 19 times for 119.09 miles in 30 days, 6.27 miles/run.
I have run 190 times for 1316.7 miles so far in 2018, 6.93 miles/run.
I ran 5 races in November:
 11/03 Grocery Run 5K, 22:49, 7:21 pace
 11/09 Dirt Cheap Stage Race #1, 3.1 miles, 35:51, 11:34 pace
 11/10 Dirt Cheap Stage Race #2, 4.65 miles, 50:20, 10:49 pace
 11/11 Dirt Cheap Stage Race #3, 10.3 miles, 2:00:23, 11:42 pace
 11/22 Race with Grace 10K, 47:39, 7:38 pace
I have run 34 races so far in 2018.
I took 319,452 steps in November and 3,960,139 steps so far in 2018.

Saturday, 12/1/2018: 9066 steps during the day, 6.25 miles, 50:09 pace, 8:01 pace, 36F, 87% RH, 6 mph SSE wind, wind chill 31F, overcast.

I slept in until around 6:45 AM. I puttered around per usual before got out around 8:30 AM. It was just as cold, calm and overcast as yesterday so I wore the same running gear. I decided on just a 10K on my out and back LOSP trail and a bit of Island Cottage course. I started a bit slow but sped up especially on the way back. I felt good so I just ran. My splits were: 8:24, 8:00, 8:04, 7:58, 7:57, 7:57 and 7:14.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Sunday, 11/19/2018 to Saturday, 11/26/2018 - Race with Grace 10K

I ran 5 times: 32.95 miles.
I took 76,939 steps  according to my Pebble 2 HR smart watch.
Common abbreviations: OMEP is my Orange Mud Endurance Pack and NT360 is my NoxGear Tracer360 vest.

Sunday, 11/18/2018: 16703 steps during the day, 11.05 miles, 1:31:17, 8:16 pace, 34F, 69% RH, 3 mph S wind, overcast.

I slept in until 7:30 AM and puttered around like usual. I had my usual pre-run bowl of cereal and banana, started 1.5 loads of laundry, took out the garbage and cleaned the pots that were soaking in the sink. But ... I got out there. I figured that an Out to Lowden Point run was in order. It was the same temp as yesterday so I wore the almost the same: CW-X tights, a long and sleeve tech, Darn Tough socks and my Brooks beanie (no balaclava). I also married up my new earbud (just one ear) with my MP3 player, topped off my Nathan SpeedDraw flask with water and set forth. I set up a nice and steady pace. Out 5.5 miles .... and ... back 5.5 miles. Done! My splits were: 8:14, 8:15, 8:22, 8:14, 8:20, 8:09, 8:17, 8:00, 8:20, 8:30 and 8:14. Boom ... done!

The usual 2 mugs of coffee ensued along with finishing the laundry I had already started .. all told 4 loads. Done!

Monday, 11/19/2018: 6828 steps during the day, rest day.

The usual rest day on a Monday. Other stuff happened ... of course.

I got my replacement ESL ATM card today. Why is that important? Well ... it got hacked back on Friday, 11/9. I checked my ESL account on Saturday afternoon, 11/10, because I wanted to pay some bills and verify my previous couple of days worth of POS purchases. Well ... I saw 3 bogus charges ... WTF? One was an Aldi's purchase of $270 in San Francisco, another was a FTDFlorist purchase of $123.14 somewhere in Orange County CA and the last was IP Vanish of $10. I quickly called the ESL Fraud line and told them of it. The first 2 bogus purchases fell off on Sunday, 11/11. I also called the regular ESL line to tell them to halt all purchases on the ATM card. I called them on Tuesday 11/13 when the bank reopened after the Veteran's Day holiday to order a new ESL ATM card. I was told that it would be 7 to 10 business days or I would pay $15 to have express delivery. I waited and it took 4 business days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday) ... not bad. Now ... I have to change all my accounts that use the ESL card. I already changed almost all the accounts to use my ESL checking account if they didn't already.

So ... how was I hacked? Did I put in my PIN into a skimmer at a gas station or POS? Was I scanned by someone as I passed them by? Who knows? I use a front pocket wallet that holds 8 cards pretty securely and has a pocket in the middle for paper money and receipts. But does not have RFID protection. I like it but I am on the prowl for something similar that does have RFID protection.

Christine went up to bed early so I watched Pulp Fiction off of OnDemand. I had only seen parts of it before. Disjointed like Kill Bill but entertaining.

Tuesday, 11/20/2018: 4937 steps during the day, rest day.

I had all my running gear to go for a run after work but I thought that I would take my wife out to grocery shop instead. Well ... Christine didn't want to go out after supper so we watched the first four episodes of the new Doctor Who Season 11 (with the quirky woman doctor) instead, link here. It was interesting. I have never watched Doctor Who before believe it or not. One of the episodes was about Rosa Parks and her refusing to give up her bus seat in Montgomery Alabama on 12/1/1955. I looked up the Wiki of Rosa Parks and found that they found an actress who looked almost exactly like her.

Wednesday, 11/21/2018: 9481 steps during the day, rest day.

Christine went out to grocery shop during the day but left the heavy lifting of bringing the groceries in from the 2018 Cruze for me ... how sweet! I had gone to BJ's and Wegmans to get some stuff that I thought she had forgotten so I had double heavy lifting to do in the cold. Cold and windy weather had returned just in time for Thanksgiving.

Thursday, 11/22/2018: 14636 steps during the day, 2 runs of 1.05 and 6.25 miles, 18F, 73% RH, 9 mph WNW wind, wind chill 7F, partly cloudy.

Today's race was my seventh Race with Grace 10K (RwG 10K). My previous six times were: 2012 - 46:04, 2013 - 45:07, 2014 - 44:29, 2015 - 45:58, 2016 - 46:26 and 2017 - 46:11. It was also the last of the 12 GRTC Rochester Runner of the Year races. I am 2nd after 11 races in my M 60-64 age group with 51 points out of 60. Kevin Clinefelter is first with 57 points.

One of my alarms was set for 5:45 AM and the second was set for 6:40 AM. I chose to sort of snooze after the first one and get up on the second one. I had my usual pre-race bowl of cereal and banana while I pondered what to wear ... it was 16F on Thanksgiving day. I ended up going back to the tried and true: CW-X tights with shorts and Darn Tough socks on the bottom along with a long sleeve tech and my trusty yellow/black 1/4 zip pullover on the top. I brought all my other cold weather running gear. I put on my Brooks jacket and red parka for warmth. Man ... did it feel cold when I stepped outside!

I headed out early for the 15 minute drive to the First Bible Baptist Church and got there at 8 AM in plenty of time for the 9 AM start. I saw Bob Dyjak right away. He is back on the mend after an aneurysm in his knee. He was going to take the early start.

I put on my balaclava, Brooks beanie and ski mittens ... and headed out for a warm up (?) run. It was 1.05 miles at 8:51 pace, link here. Man ... was it cold heading into the wind! I stopped by the 2014 Cruze to put on my sunglasses to protect my eyes and to put on my blue GRTC neck gaiter. I headed slowly up to the start.

And ... we were off! I felt like my feet were frozen for the 2 miles that we ran north on Manitou Rd into the NW wind. A lady passed me at about 1/2 mile and said "Hi, Doug". It took me a few seconds to figure out that it was Wendy "Flash" Abbot. OK ... the fact that she wore her trademark runner's skirt underneath all her garments helped too, lol! OK ... she usually passes me in the first 1/2 mile too, lol! I was happy when we made the turn east onto Hincher Rd. I hiked up my sleeves and pushed the pace a bit. I turned south onto N Greece Rd at mile 3. I caught up and passed Andy Ciaio as we made the turn west onto Frisbee Hill Rd at mile 4. He yelled out "You're killing it, Doug!" I passed Steve Levitsky shortly afterward. We turned south back on Manitou Rd. I slowly caught up to a runner who turned out to be Joe Ciecierega. I matched his pace for a bit before I pulled away. The mile down Manitou Rd seemed to last forever. Mile 6 was just before the turn into FBBC ... only 2/10s to go ... push ... right turn into the finish chute ... no inflatable Score-This arch ... over 47:30 ... and done. It was cold so I grabbed a pint of water. I fist pumped Joe (47:51) and Andy (47:52). Then I headed right inside the church. I had a chocolate milk and a blueberry bagel before I headed out to change into some dry upper clothes. It's always challenging to change clothes in the front driver's seat, trust me. I came back and checked the results. I finished first and Kevin Clinefelter was 10 seconds behind me! I talked to him during the awards. He had suffered a hamstring pull during the Syracuse Half 11 days ago and was upon doctor's orders to run easy. So ... running a 7:37 pace was his idea of easy. I saw his pace on his Garmin ... he was catching with a 7:26, 7:26 last 2 miles. He told me that he saw me and that he wanted to catch me but his "hammie told him no". Charlie Waters was pulled out of the M 60-64 age group since he won first Veteran so I was first. Well ... first in each age group won $25 cash!
Warming up after the race
Race with Grace 1/4 pullover, bib, medal and cash
Officially I finished in 47:39, 7:38 pace, 102nd out of 603, 1st out of 34 in my M 60-64 age group, link here. My splits were: 7:47, 7:47, 7:38, 7:44, 7:32, 7:31 and 6:47 over the last 0.25 mile.

There were other Thanksgiving races of course. The 47th Turkey Trot was run out in Webster. There were 1547 finishers in the 4.4 mile race, link here. There were 1605 finishers in the 2.5 mile race, link here. The Feast of Burden 5 Miler was held downtown. There were 304 finishers, link here. The Newark Turkey Day 5 Mile Race had 114 finishers, link here. I do have history with some of these races (except the 2 year old Feast of Burden race). I ran the Newark Turkey Day 5 Mile Race in 2005 though 2010. I ran the Turkey Trot 4.4 Mile race in 2011. I have run the Race with Grace 10K ever since 2012. Fact: the 2005 Newark Turkey Day 5 Mile Race (results lost forever) was my first race. I have run 468 races since in the last 13 years (I counted on my fingertips to make sure it was 13)..

I headed home and helped Christine with our turkey dinner. I helped mostly with the cleanup though. Ohh ... and with the eating too. Christine did a basic Thanksgiving dinner this week: turkey, stuffing, a celery salad along with cranberries. No potatoes. She did make not 1 but 2 excellent apple pies. One apple pie disappeared once we had room in our tummies.

I found out at the WeatherUnderground website that the KROC airport had the official low of 7F and high of 19F, D&C link here and KROC link here. This gave Thanksgiving 2018 the coldest low (old record 11F in 1196) and coldest high (old record 20F in 1903) on record.

Friday, 11/23/2018: 7303 steps during the day, 5.15 miles, 44:00, 8:33 pace, 18F, 48% RH, 8 mph S wind, wind chill 8F, overcast.

I slept in until around 7:30 AM, puttered around for a bit like I usually do but I got out there. It was just as cold as yesterday so I wore exactly the same. My legs felt a bit tired so I just set out at a really nice and easy pace. I cut the run short to 5 miles too. My splits were: 8:46, 8:33, 8:27, 8:25, 8:33 and 8:16 over the last 0.15 mile.

The 173 spots of the 2019 Mind the Ducks opened up at midnight. The race filled up by 8 PM. Egil Robs, the Race Director, posted on Facebook to sign up for the wait list since 50 got in from the wait list in 2018.

I managed not to shop, either physically or online, at any of the Black Friday sales that I was constantly bombarded with in my Yahoo! inbox.

Saturday, 11/24/2018: 17051 steps during the day, 9.45 miles, 1:17:44, 8;13 pace, 34F, 59% RH, 8 mph SSW wind, wind chill 28F, partly cloudy.

I was up at 6:10 AM and out the door by 7:20 AM. I had just a banana and got dressed with what I had the day before and the day before that. I think I might have thrown on another long sleeve tech though, didn't wear my balaclava plus I wore my heavy running gloves instead of ski mittens. I didn't want 11 but needed at least 9 so I went out to Long Pond Rd. It was a crisp, quiet and beautiful morning! I just set up a nice and steady pace. The miles flew by! My splits were: 8:20, 8:16, 8:14, 8:17, 8:11, 8:05, 8:07, 8:15, 8:18 and 8:06 over the last 0.45 mile. Boom ... done!

The usual mug of coffee soon ensued along with some general relaxing. But ... not too much. I showered and got dressed since I had to head out to neighboring Wayne County to take my oldest son, Michael, and daughter, Karen, out grocery shopping. Michael in Macedon was first and Karen in Palmyra was next. Michael's new 17" gaming laptop looked sweet and Karen's dog, Pooka, looked a lot lighter with his new grooming. I got back up to Rochester by 6 PM.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Monday, 11/12/2018 to Saturday, 11/17/2018

I ran 2 times: 14.35 miles.
I took 73,288 steps  according to my Pebble 2 HR smart watch.
Common abbreviations: OMEP is my Orange Mud Endurance Pack and NT360 is my NoxGear Tracer360 vest.

Monday, 11/13/2018: 1138 steps during the day, vacation and rest day.

I have 11 Ricoh vacations days to take before the end of March 2019 so I took one today. I slept in until 8 AM and lazed around until 5 PM. Then ... I got up, showered, got dressed and went off to Lisa Vallone's calling hours at the , Kevin W Doughtery Funeral Home, obituary here. I sent what I thought were the directions to my cell but somehow I got to the wrong funeral home in Honeoye. It was dark so I was a bit stumped at first. I searched for the obituary, found it and then Google Maps routed me on a desolate, hilly and winding (and kind of scary) road over to Livonia. But I got there.

Mike Vallone was not taking his young wife's death well. Mike hugged me and thanked me for coming. He was very emotional. I don't think I would be much better come to think of it. I got there just before everyone went outside for an Irish song and ceremonial shot of Irish whiskey. I stood out there and eventually I saw people that I knew. Trail runners look a lot different when we are in street clothes. I talked with Mike Meynadasy for a while. He told me that Eric and Sheila Eagan have essentially moved in with Mike Vallone until he is ready to be on his own. I got choked up for a bit. Death and dying young at age 37 are sad subjects. Mike and Lisa had only been married for 6 years. I talked with Chris O'Brien. He told me about his Oil Creek 100K battle of walking the last 17 miles in the rain through peanut butter mud while enduring lots of chafing. I didn't ask where ... though I really wanted to, lol! I got turned around a bit on the way home too. My cell did give visual directions but not audible so I have to sneak looks at it once I was off the beaten path during the entire trip. I have not been able to figure out why either. I found later that there is also another Stephenson-Doughtery Funeral Home in Avon and a O'Connell-Doughtery Funeral Home in Lima. So I was glad I made it to right place in the dark thanks to modern technology. Let's not talk about me not making sure I was heading to the right place in the first place ... hmm?

Tuesday, 11/13/2018: 6819 steps during the day, rest day.

I got out of work late so I bagged the run.

Wednesday, 11/14/2018: 13577 steps during the day, 5 miles on the treadmill, 9:39 pace.

Yes, 5 miles on the treadmill at the Greenleaf Meadows fitness center. I was cold during day and the ideas of running outside just didn't do it for me. So ... I dressed just before work ended and headed to a treadmill in November for heaven's sake. I set it for 6 mph (10:00 pace) and 2% incline. I endured that pace for 3.8 miles and then kicked it up to 7 mph (8:34 pace) just to get 5 miles done. One thing about running on a treadmill in November ... you sweat a lot more than if you were running outdoors. Anyway ... running 5 miles on a treadmill is better than running 0 miles outdoors.

Thursday, 11/15/2018: 5163 steps during the day, rest day.

It snowed during the night but had quit early enough so that the main roads were clear. Six inches of wet snow fell up where we live. More snow fell east in Wayne County. Macedon and Palmyra got about 10 to 12 inches. I didn't want to hit the treadmill again nor did I want to risk the roads so I stayed in.

Friday, 11/16/2018: 8982 steps during the day, rest day.

Saturday, 11/17/2018: 16703 steps during the day, 9.35 miles, 1:19:39, 8:31 pace, 39F, 70% RH, 13 mph W wind, wind chill 32F, overcast.

I set my alarm for 5:50 AM so I could go on a Race with Grace 10K (RwG 10K) run at 7 AM. I didn't do much puttering around ... so enough to check a bit of email and Facebook and then eat a banana. I dressed like usual for upper 30s: CW-X, a long and short sleeve tech, balaclava, Brooks beanie and heavy running gloves. I wore the Darn Tough socks that I won for placing first in the Dirt Cheap Trail Race series back in September ... had to let them age a bit ... lol! I got out a bit late but I would have made it if I hadn't turned on N Greece Rd instead of Manitou Rd to get to the First Bible Baptist Church (FBBC). I got there at 7:05 AM just as all the runners were heading out. I set off after them about three to four minutes later. I set up a nice and steady pace. I just let the run happen. I added another 5K afterward by heading down Manitou Rd past FBBC and out Parma Center Rd to Butcher Rd. My splits were: 8:20, 8:25, 8:18, 8:32, 8:24, 8:37, 8:43, 8:57, 8:34 and 8:02 over 0.35 pace.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday, 11/9/2018 to Sunday, 11/11/2018 - Dirt Cheap Stage Race

I ran 4 times: 19.06 miles.
I took 45.665 steps  according to my Pebble 2 HR smart watch.
Common abbreviations: OMEP is my Orange Mud Endurance Pack and NT360 is my NoxGear Tracer360 vest.

This blog post is devoted to the 3 day, 3 race Dirt Cheap Stage Race (DCSR). It's an epic event so it deserves a blog post of its own.

Friday, 11/9/2018: 14233 steps during the day, 3.1 miles estimated, 35:51. 11:34 pace, 39F, 93% RH, 7 mph SW wind, wind chill 34F, overcast with light sprinkles

I took ibuprofen at 7 AM and noon to help make my right knee feel better. I also wore my new black P. W. Minor shoes that Christine bought for me last month. Both of these actions helped. My right knee slowly felt better until it didn't ache.

It started to snow during the day. A real heavy wet snow. Then it changed to rain. Tonight was DCSR #1 held out on Pond Rd in Mendon Ponds Park. I got out of work at 4 PM and got dressed for the conditions. I chose my CW-X tights, an orange long sleeve tech, an orange short sleeve tech, old Salamon SpeedCross 3 shoes and Darn Tough socks. I wore blaze orange (and all weekend) because I was my way of paying tribute to Lisa Vallone, obit here,  who had died from Crohns Disease on Wednesday. Then ... I couldn't find my race bib. I called Christine at home and sure enough it was there. So ... I drove home to get it. It took 45 minutes in rush hour traffic to get back out to Mendon Ponds Park. Still ... I was there by 5:40 in plenty of time for the 6:30 PM start. It was still raining so I tried to find everything in my 2014 Cruze without getting out of the car. But ... I couldn't find my Brooks beanie. So ... I wore an ear warmer and my orange Fleet Feet hat. I wore my Brooks jacket for warmth and brought my 2017 DCSR hoodie to wear afterward. I also wore my NT360 vest and the headlamp that I bought off of eBay last year. I walked slowly the 1/4 mile up to race venue and got there about 6:20 PM.

DCSR #1 was started in time trial fashion with a runner going off every 5 seconds. Luckily the rain has mostly stopped. I had bib 150 so I had to 12.5 minutes before my start. I didn't warm up so I had a bit of trouble getting my breathing under control during the roughly 1/2 mile uphill at the start. I concentrated on just running under control and not falling. There were lots of wet rocks, wet roots and slippery mud to look out for so I had to really concentrate on every foot placement. Soon enough ... I could hear Ellen calling out the finishers ... and I was done.

before DCSR #1
The DCSR logo and a bit of crusty snow
After DCSR #1 with a bit of runner fuel
I checked my Garmin ... it had been paused at 0:23. I must have hit the pause button with my gloves so ... no Garmin data for this run. Oh well! Stuff happens. Christine sent me the eCrumb link that I sent here when I started. It's not official since I started it about 20 seconds before I started and stopped it about 20 seconds after I finished, link here. I did OK, I was 95 out of 225 and 1st out of 7 in my M 60-69 age group, link here.

I ate a couple of hot dogs and cookies after I changed out of my damp tech shirts and into my 2017 DCSR hoodie. I walked the 1/4 mile back to my car and drove home. The drive back was a lot better without rain and rush hour traffic.

Saturday, 11/10/2018: 10526 steps during the day, 2 runs of 1.01 and 4.65 miles, 30F, 47% RH, 20 mph W wind, wind chill 21F, sunny.

Today's race was DCSR #2 out at Devil's Bathtub in Mendon Ponds Park. I woke up at 6:10 AM. I puttered around like usual as I ate my usual pre-race bowl of cereal and banana. It was about the same temp so I wore the same as yesterday. I got out at 7:35 AM and got down to the race venue at 8:05 AM. I was surprised that I got a prime parking spot right at the top of the hill. So ... I surfed Facebook ... then I checked my email ... and still not too many cars. I checked the website. The race start was at 10 AM. OK ... I ditched my Brooks jacket and donned my Brooks beanie. I headed out for a 1.01 mile warm up run at 9:02 pace, link here. It was just an out and back ... like I usually do on DCSR #2 or a Dirt Cheap that starts at Devil's Bathtub.

I lined up next to Andy Ciaio. He had left DCSR #1 last night after only 1 hot dog so I had told him that I had stayed for 2 hot dogs. It's a three day race so you don't waste energy after DCSR #1. Ellen warned of the usual: follow the pink flag and not the runner in front of you, if you get lost it's your own fault and don't litter. She also warned of ice on all the wood planks and told us to be careful. And ... we were off.

I got up to a nice trail race pace. The first mile is rolling hills out in the open so we could feel the wind. I didn't warm up until mile 2. Then ... the mud started. The rain from last night caused a lot of mud that we all slogged through off and on for 2 miles. I slipped onto my butt once on a steep downhill. I was getting pretty tired with trying to raise up my feet through the mud. Then ... I could hear Ellen from the finish above me ... the wood planks were still a bit ice covered so I was careful ... up the infamous stairs to the finish ... and done in 50:20. I had a half bagel with Nutella ... which hit the spot. My feet were freezing so I went to my 2014 Cruze, put the heat on full to the feet and went home ... boom, done.

My muddy CW-X tights, Darn Tough socks and Salomon SpeedCross 3 trail shoes (I washed the first two)
I did OK. I finished 4.65 miles in 50:20, 10:40 pace. I was 86th out of 264, 1st out of 7 in my M 60-69 age group, link here. My splits were: 8:13, 10:47, 12:20, 9:52 and 14:01 over the last 0.65 mile.

Sunday, 11/11/2018: 20906 steps during the day, 10.3 miles, 2:00:26, 11:42 pace, 36F, 69% RH, 9 mph WSW wind, wind chill 29F, sunny.

Today's race was DCSR #3 out at Stewart Lodge at Mendon Ponds Park. I woke up at 6:10 AM. I puttered around like usual as I ate my usual pre-race bowl of cereal and banana. It was about the same temp so I wore the same as yesterday.  I got out at 7:35 AM and got down to the race venue at 8:05 AM. How many times have I parked in the Beach parking lot at MPP ... who knows?

I ambled up to Stewart Lodge and hung out a while. I stashed a bag that had my Brooks jacket, orange Fleet Feet hat and Brooks light running gloves to change into afterward. I put my heavy running gloves by the fire in an attempt to dry them out a bit before the race (didn't work). I just stretched before the race. I lined up next to Andy Ciaio again and settled in for the start. And ... we were off.

I started in the middle of the pack so I could warm up slowly. No need for a fast pace at first ... it's a long trail race. Boots and Sean Hendricks were everywhere. I saw them 4 times during the race ... the road crossing on Douglas Rd just after the start at 0.5 mile, the road crossing on Canfield Rd at mile 4.8 (I had a Chocolate Gu) and twice on the same hill at mile 8 or 9 as we came from two different directions. I developed a hot spot on my right heel around mile 5. I stopped just after the S Wilmarth Rd crossing at mile 6. I took off my shoe and banged out any debris but the damage had been done. About 10 runners passed me. I put the shoe back on and kept running. It hurt for another mile before it either quit or I got used to it. There was about just about as much mud and water as yesterday. I avoided some of the mud if it wasn't too much trouble but I tended to just go straight through it too. You know ... the shortest distance and all. I concentrated on the terrain and my foot placement but ... did look up occasionally to check out the scenery. I walked the hills when I needed to so I could catch my breath. I can walk some hills faster than I can run them with my long legs. I started to get hungry around mile 9. I have run DCSR #3 enough (10 times) to know when I am getting closer to the finish ... just keep going. I could hear the music from the finish ... I was really hungry ... a bit more mud ... up the final hill ... up the 5 more steps to the new deck on the Stewart Lodge and done!

I was famished and went inside to find something to eat as soon as I caught my breath. I found cookies and had 4 of them ASAP. I stood in line for the coveted DCSR hoodie ... hunter green was the color this year. Ellen told me what she told everyone: "You earned this hoodie. Don't let anyone other than you wear it." I went outside, peeled off my wet tech shirts and put on my newest favorite DCSR hoodie. OK, I put it on backwards for a second (one guy saw it and promised not to tell anyone).

Wearing my newest favorite DCSR hoodie
Just your basic well enjoyed and mud covered pair of Salomon SpeedCross 3 trail shoes and Darn Tough socks
I ate a half bagel with Nutella ... not bad. I am beginning to like Nutella. Then I had a moment of panic. I checked my Zipster and then my Nathan SpeedDraw flask for my key to the 2014 Cruze ... no key. So ... I quickly walked out the car ... it was unlocked ... and the key was in the ignition. Whew! Sometimes I do really stupid stuff. It didn't bite me this time. I went back up to Stewart Lodge for the awards. I was first in my DCSR series M 60-69 age group. I won a DCSR tea glass and a jar of Once Again peanut butter.

DCSR bling
I did OK. I was 95th out of 217 and 1st out of 6 in my M 60-69 age group, link here. I was also 1st out of 6 in the DCSR series M 60-69 age group, link here. My splits were: 10:01, 9:42, 11:28, 11:42, 12:45 (ate a GU0, 9:44, 10:36, 12:58 (emptied my right shoe), 13:11, 10:42 and 10:22 over the last 0.30 mile

I initially thought that I did really well but I found out later that I have run 7 of my 10 DCSR #3 races faster than today. But ... I have to keep telling myself that I am still out there ... still running ... still moving forward ... so that is a good thing. The couch may call me but I don't have to answer its call.

I went home and lazed around the rest of the day. I discovered that I did indeed get (earned) a blister on my right heel. I don't usually get blisters so I bet I caught some debris in my shoe. Oh well.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Sunday, 11/4/2018 to Thursday, 11/8/2018

I ran 2 times this week: 18.5 miles.
I took 55,158 steps these 5 days according to my Pebble 2 HR smart watch.
Common abbreviations: OMEP is my Orange Mud Endurance Pack and NT360 is my NoxGear Tracer360 vest.

Sunday, 11/4/2018: 17102 steps during the day, 11.05 miles, 1:30:38, 8:12 pace, 39F, 87% RH, calm, sunny.

The time changed from DST to EST overnight so I used the extra hour to sleep in. I puttered around and had my usual bowl of cereal and banana. But ... long runs don't get done by themselves. I wore my CW-X tights, an orange Moore Than A Race long sleeve tech, a white Sauerkraut 20K short sleeve tech, Brooks beanie and heavy running gloves. I set up a nice and easy pace and just let the run happen. I wanted 11 and got 11 ... out to Lowden Point Rd. There were some people out (2 male and 3 female runners, a couple of bicyclists and a couple of walkers). I got a bit sweaty on the way back and flapped my shirt a few times. I went straight up to take a shower when I got home ... OUCH!!! I had irritated my right nipple (90%) and underneath my scrotum (10%) ... OUCH!!! So ... the rest of the day I grimaced with pain whenever my shirt brushed my right nipple. Anyway ... my splits were: 8:22, 8:13, 8:07, 8:12, 8:17, 8:11, 8:08, 8:07, 8:09, 8:24 and 8:05.

The NYC Marathon was held down in New York City. Several Rochester runners went down and Barry Cherney volunteered.

Monday, 11/5/2018: 7297 steps during the day, rest day.

Interesting tidbits: I saw a license on a car in the passing lane - ALWAYSL8 and a sticker of Gandalf on the back windows of a minivan - You Shall Not Pass.

Tuesday, 11/6/2018: 19536 steps during the day, 7.35 miles, 1:02:24, 8:29 pace, 57F, 63% RH, 20 mph W wind, sunny.

I voted before work and even got there on time ... win, win.

I Voted Today!
I took a hour of vacation so I could get out just before sunset. It was kind of cool and windy so I wore shorts, my orange Moore Than A Race long sleeve tech, Brooks light gloves and my Brooks beanie. I also wore my NT360 vest.

I set up a nice and steady. I decided to just run Island Cottage and Janes Rd. I turned on my NT360 vest as I turned back on Island Cottage. I could see that it didn't really light up too well which made me a bit apprehensive. I stayed as far left as I could and got the run done. My splits were: 8:24, 8:54 (into the wind), 8:33, 8:15, 8:14, 8:20, 8:37 and 8:56 over the last 0.35 mile. I put in fresh batteries in my NT360 vest as soon as I got a chance.

My NT360 vest before and after new batteries
I took Christine out to the fire house on Ling Rd where we vote when I got home. I had already voted before I went to work. I may lose any readers who are Republican ... but I voted for the Democrats. I could type liberal talking points all day but I will spare you. Suffice to say that I believe the MSM and not Fox News or any of its ilk.

Wednesday, 11/7/2018: 4620 steps during the day, rest day.

My right knee felt a bit funky, I was tired and cranky so I bagged my run that I had kind of wanted.

Oh ... politics. Well ... enough Democrats were elected to the House so that 45 will have checks and balances for the next 2 years or until he resigns or is impeached. The votes were close enough in FL (governor and senator) and GA (governor) that recounts may be necessary.

Thursday, 11/8/2018: 6603 steps during the day, rest day.

My right knee still felt a bit weird but ... I am signed for the 3 races of Dirt Cheap Stage Race for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I may or may not be able to finish. The weather looks wet, cold and windy for a lot of the weekend. Joy ... not! It looks like I will have to dig out all my cold weather running gear.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday, 10/28/2018 to Saturday, 11/3/2018 - Grocery Run 5K

I ran 5 times this week: 29.94 miles.
I took 76,923 steps this week according to my Pebble 2 HR smart watch.
Common abbreviations: OMEP is my Orange Mud Endurance Pack and NT360 is my NoxGear Tracer360 vest.

Sunday, 10/28/1018: 13147 steps during the day, 9.35 miles, 1:17:41, 8:18 pace, 39F, 93% RH, 7 mph W wind, wind chill 35F, overcast.

I slept in until 6:50 PM. Last night was an "all nighter" ... which to a 61 year old male means I didn't get up to go pee during the night. Christine had a hand in that ... she kept me up later than I wanted! LOL! I puttered around for longer than I should have but I did get out around 9:45 AM. I started the run at 90 mile for the month but I didn't have time for 10 miles so I went 9.35 miles instead. It was chilly so I wore the usual for around 40F: CW-X tights, a long sleeve tech (heather red 2018 Rochester Half), short sleeve tech (orange Spring Forward), Darn Tough socks, heavy running gloves and ear warmer. I set up a nice and steady pace. My splits were: 8:21, 8:16, 8:16, 8:24, 8:24, 8:16, 8:09, 8:26, 8:20 and 7:54 over the last 0.35 mile. Boom ... done. I have 99.69 miles for the month with one run to go on Tuesday so I can push over 100 miles.

My latest Bluetooth earbud died about 2 miles in after being charged overnight. That is my third set! I DO NOT want wired earbuds. I wear an earbud in ONLY one ear but two.

Meanwhile, some Rochester runners and one ex-Rochester runner, Anne Gie in 4:07:21, ran the Marine Corps Marathon down in DC.

Monday, 10/29/2018: 7088 steps during the day, rest day.

My lovely wife, Christine, got her nails touched up at Polish Me Nails on W Ridge Rd (opposite Ridgemont Plaza). She chose a purple OPI color in honor of Halloween. They do such a nice job!

The Buffalo Bills got a Monday night home game versus the New England Patriots. It was 10 years since their last Monday night game, 20 years since they had won a Monday night game and 25 years since they had won a Monday night home game. But ... Brady had a 28-3 record versus the Bills. Could fate be avoided? Well ... the teams hit field goals in the first half and New England let 9-3. The teams traded field goals in the third quarter so it was 12-6 after three quarters. The Patriot running back White ran for a TD ... 18- 6. Then ... Anderson threw a pick six that was returned 84 yards, 26-6. So ... Brady improved to 29-3 as the Patriot QB versus the Bills and Coach Belichick improved to 32-5 versus the Bills. So ... the Bills lost 25-6, link here. They are 2-6 on the season ... a long fall from the team that made the playoffs last year.

Tuesday, 10/30/2018: 16522 steps during the day, 8.16 miles, 1:06:58, 8:13 pace, 54F, 47% RH, 3 mph W wind, sunny.

A beautiful evening for a run. I got out of work at 4 PM so I was up to the Greece Arcadia High School a bit early. I dressed in shorts, an orange long sleeve tech, Brooks light running gloves and my orange Fleet Feet hat. I carried my Nathan SpeedDraw Plus bottle of water. I set out on my regular 8 mile loop at a slightly harder than nice and steady pace. I ran without music since my latest Bluetooth headset had died (due to an overcharge?). A van veered into the shoulder as it was coming around a corner on Long Pond Rd which caused me a bit of alarm. I blame sun glare. The sun was behind me as I ran north toward Edgemere Drive. Still ... I did jump to the grass quickly while I uttered a curse word. Anyway ... my splits were: 8:19, 8:12, 8:17, 8:12, 8:17, 7:55, 8:14, 8:19 and 7:55 over the last 0.16 mile.

Wednesday, 10/31/2018: 7773 steps during the day, rest day.

Happy Halloween! Well ... one kid dressed as a pirate ran our doorbell so we have a bag of KitKat and Reese's left over.

It's the end of October so it's stat time!

I ran 15 times for a total of 107.83, 7.19 miles/run. I got to 100 miles on the last run of the month.
I ran 2 races in October, 29 races for 2018 so far:
 10/14 - Empire State Half, 1:46:19, 8:07 pace (fastest half marathon of 2018)
 10/20 - Scare Brain Cancer Away 5K, 22:57, 7:24 pace (fastest 5K of 2018)
I took 304,236 steps during the month and taken 3,640,687 steps so far in 2018 according to my Pebble 2 HR smart watch.

Thursday, 11/1/2018: 15466 steps during the day, 6.25 miles, 52:51, 8:27 pace, 46F, 93% RH, 7 mph E wind, overcast with light rain.

Well ... there was a light rain and it was dark and gloomy. But ... did that stop me from my Thursday night run? The correct answer would be no. I wore my CW-X tights, a red Finish Strong long sleeve tech, my Brooks jacket, heavy running gloves, ear warmers and orange Fleet Feet hat. I did modify the run though. I started from home so that I was on the LOSP trail 90% of the run. I was on Island Cottage for about a mile. I also put on my Noxgear Tracer360 (NT360) vest. I set up a really nice and easy pace. It was a light rain but I was drenched by the time I was heading back. I saw a lady runner about a mile from the end. I yelled out "I'm glad I'm not the only one!". I hope she chuckled. I went straight downstairs to the laundry room when I got home to strip and hang up my wet clothes. My splits were: 8:33, 8:30, 8:28, 8:32, 8:21, 8:24 and 8:04 over the last 0.15 mile. My darling wife, Christine, made an excellent mug of hot chocolate along with Lloyd's ribs ... mmm!

Friday, 11/2/2018: 5762 steps during the day, rest day.

Saturday, 11/3/2018: 11165 steps during the day, 2 runs of 1.26 and 3.12 miles, 39F, 93% RH, 14 mph WNW wind, wind chill 32F, overcast with light rain.

Today's race was my fourth Grocery Run 5K (2014 - 21:13, 2015 - 22:06 and 2017 - 21:54). This was my 9th out of the 11 2018 Rochester Runner of the Year series races so far. I have missed the Oak Tree Half in September (hate the course) and the Finish Strong 15K (day before Empire State Half) in October. The last 2018 RROY race is the Race with Grace 10K on Thanksgiving.

I was up with my alarm at 5:40 AM. I puttered around a bit while I ate my usual pre-race bowl of cereal and banana. I looked at the temperature ... 41F at 6:30 AM. It was as dark as pitch ... so I didn't see that it raining. I decided to wear: shorts, my red Finish Strong 15K long sleeve tech. I put on my running pants and Brooks jacket for warmth before I left around 6:50 AM. I was parked at the Rochester Museum and Science Center at 7:15 AM in plenty of time for the 8:15 AM start. The race started and ended in front the Third Presbyterian Church on East Ave. I picked up my bib and latest favorite cotton race t-shirt and walked back to the 2014 Cruze. I decided that it was too cold ... so I put on a short sleeve tech shirt, ditched my Brooks jacket and left my running pants on. I wore my heavy running gloves, Brooks beanie and carried my Nathan SpeedDraw flask of water. I went out for a really nice and easy warm up run of 1.26 miles at 9:09 pace, link here. I needed to get used to the conditions ... it was colder than I thought it was going to be but I adapted.

I got close to the start line since I knew that some of the people that were coming out of the church would pile in front rather than head to the back. And ... we were off! I got up to race pace quickly. The run down East Ave was fast. A young guy who was barefoot wearing shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt passed me a 1/2 mile in. Mile 1 on Oliver St (between East Ave and University Ave) passed in 7:08. Then ... we headed back on University Ave and felt the wind. It slowed me down but I just sucked it up and kept on running. I passed barefoot guy at mile 2, 7:27 pace. Mile 3 sucked. I knew I was slowing down but I kept on running, 7:36 pace. I picked up the pace and ran the last 0.12 mile in 6:25. I was surprised to see the clock below 23 when I approached the finish. And ... and done in 22:55 according to my Garmin ... 22:52 officially ... fastest 5K of 2018!

post race selfie
The Grocery Run 5K does have good post race food ... cookies, donuts, pastries, bagels, chocolate milk and a selection of hot food (mac-n-cheese, beans and pirogies. So ... you can definitely eat more calories than you expended. I think I did since I ate four cookies, two pieces of pastry, two donuts and 2 chocolate milks. I checked the results. I was 90th out of 923, link here. I was 2nd out of 21 in my M 60-64 age group, link here. A lot of people didn't show up to the race since 1192 were registered at and that doesn't count people who registered on the day of the race.

The Mendon Trail Run was also being held out at Mendon Ponds Park (MPP). The 50K started at 8 AM and the 10K, 20K, 30K started at 9:30 AM. I have done the double where I ran the Grocery Run 5K and then headed straight out to MPP and run either the 20K (in 2015) or 30K (in 2014). Today I just ran the Grocery Run 5K. Meanwhile ... 80 runners finished the 10K, 72 runners finished the 20K, 31 runners finished the 30K and 47 runners finished the 50K, results here.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sunday, 10/21/2018 to Saturday, 10/27/2018

I ran 4 times this week: 36.61 miles.
I took 87,662 steps this week according to my Pebble 2 HR smart watch.
Common abbreviation: OMEP is Orange Mud Endurance Pack. I haven't worn it lately though.

Sunday, 11/21/2018: 16919 steps during the day, 11.06 miles, 1:31:59, 8:19 pace, 36F, 64% RH, 13 mph NW wind, wind chill 28F, overcast.

I was up with the alarm at 6:20 AM. I puttered around a bit while I started a load of laundry and ate my usual pre-run bowl of cereal and banana. It was cold and windy ... so even it was still October I dug into my box of winter running gear. I wore my CW-X tights, two long tech shirts (heather red 2018 Rochester Half and red Finish Strong), heavy running gloves, Brooks beanie and GRTC neck gaiter. I stepped outside and when the wind hit me ... I didn't think I was overdressed (maybe a smidge). The west wind was quite biting as I set up a nice and easy pace. I decided to head out to Lowden Point Rd and back which I knew was 11 miles. I doubted my sanity all the way out there. It would have been so easy to just stay inside and sip coffee ... I need to get to 100 miles for the month and long runs don't get done by themselves. I felt better when I turned and headed back with the wind at my back. Still ... I was happy to be done when I got done. My splits were: 8:22, 8:28, 8:15, 8:36, 8:28, 8:22, 8:18, 8:14, 8:10, 8:15 and 8:04.

The inaugural ROCtoberfest 5K with 645 finishers was held in Genesee Valley Park, results here. The Rochester Running Company helped GRTC celebrate their 60th birthday with a party after their Saturday morning run attended by about 100 runners.

The Buffalo Bills laid an egg again against the Indianapolis Colts, 37-5, link here, to fall to 2-5 on the season. The latest QB (the 3rd in 2018), Anderson, was rusty but the defense didn't show up either. Next up is a Monday night home game against the New England Patriots (Pats favored by 14). My prediction? Chalk up another L as Brady (28-3 as Patriot QB versus the Bills) loves to carve up the Bills.

Monday, 10/22/2018: 5964 steps during the day, rest day.

Tuesday, 10/23/2018: 19314 steps during the day, 8.15 miles, 1:08:56, 8:27 pace, 52F, 71% RH, 12 mph WNW wind, overcast with sprinkles.

Well ... putting in the miles to get to my monthly goal of 100 miles. I have a 2 year streak going and don't want to break it. It looks like I will get there on the last run of the month. I was a bit gimpy due to my left calf early in the month and rested it before the Empire State Half.

So ... I got out there from Greece Arcadia High School. The weather was a bit sunny when I got there just 5 PM but the clouds rolled in and I got sprinkled on for most of the run. The wind was definitely chilly. I had light running gloves on but I wished I had my Brooks beanie on instead of a hat. My ears were a bit chilly! I set up a nice and steady pace and let the run happen. I think I will need more reflectivity and lights next week. My splits were: 8:28, 8:38, 8:35, 8:13, 8:11, 8:17, 8:40, 8:32 and 8:46 over the last 0.15 mile.

Wednesday, 10/24/2018: 6712 steps during the day, rest day.

Thursday, 10/25/2018: 17040 steps during the day, 8.15 miles, 1:07:10: 8:14 pace, 43F, 56% RH, 8 mph NNW wind, wind chill 39F, overcast.

More miles. I dressed for the conditions: shorts, a long (heather red 2018 Rochester Half) and short (black 2018 Empire State Half) sleeve tech, head band (to get my ears warm) and heavy running gloves. I was comfy but not too hot. I set up a nice pace and let the run happen. My splits were: 8:19. 8:14. 8:19, 8:09, 8:08, 8:10, 8:19, 8:20 and 8:00 over the last 0.15 mile.

Friday, 10/26/2018: 7140 steps during the day, rest day.

Saturday, 10/27/2018: 14573 steps during the day, 9.25 miles, 1:17:14, 8:21 pace, 39F, 93% RH, 7 mph E wind, wind chill 35F, overcast.

Today was my annual Kelly's Donut Run. It's a friendly run loosely organized by the Bagel Bunch, Facebook group page here, on two weekends in late October. A long run followed by donuts and coffee go so well together! Yes, it was dark and a bit damp but I was up with my alarm at 5:50 AM. The forecast was for lots of rain later in the day but there were only a few sprinkles so far. I puttered around while I ate my usual pre-run bowl of cereal and banana. It was about 40F so I wore my CW-X tights, long sleeve tech (red Finish Strong), short sleeve tech (black 2018 Empire State Half), Darn Tough socks and Brooks beanie. I got to Kelly's out in Hilton around 7:25 AM. There were about 20 runners when everyone got there. We set out at 7:31 AM. I ran with the lead group of 4 for a mile before they slowly pulled away. We stopped to regroup about for about 5 minutes at mile 5 before we continued onward. I ran the rest of the way with Christine Antonini. I know I ran a bit faster than she wanted to but I wanted someone to run with. The route I chose was only 8 miles so she suggested that we run a 3/4 mile loop that ran by her house on Carne Marie Lane. I wanted 10 miles but I settle for 9>25 mile. My splits were: 8:23, 8:07, 8:04, 7:55, 8:03, 8:19, 8:45, 8:35, 8:40 and 9:16 over the last 0.25 mile. I changed my wet upper clothes for a dry long sleeve tech and my Brooks jacket before I went to buy 6 fresh (and warm) donuts (3 cinnamon and 3 powdered) and coffee. We all sat around and talked by the fire for a bit. Two of the cinnamon donuts disappeared before I left to head home. My lovely wife, Christine, and I ate the rest and drank coffee. It was a fine and relaxing rest of the morning.

Meanwhile, the Pumpkins in the Park 5K was held over by Fleet Feet Armory. I ran this race in 2010 - 22:12, 2011 - 21:51, 2012 - 22:46 and 2013 - 22:10. The results of the 238 who finished in 2018, here. Some Rochester runners ran in the Cape Cod Half Marathon, results here.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday, 10/14/2018 to Saturday, 10/20/2018 - Empire State Half & Scare Brain Cancer Away 5K

I ran 5 times this week: 28.92 miles.
I took 74,635 steps this week according to my Pebble 2 HR smart watch.
Common abbreviation: OMEP is Orange Mud Endurance Pack

Sunday, 10/14/2018: 20167 steps during the day, 13.23 miles, 1:46:18, 8:07 pace, 48F, 81% RH, 5 mph S wind, partly sunny.

Today's race was the Empire State Half, my 33rd road half marathon. I ran the Empire State Marathon last year in 4:28:21. It was a miserable experience since it was 74F at race start. I was signed up for the same race this year but I paid $15.25 to drop down to the Half 5 days ago. My training had been a struggle with three 18 mile runs and I had a severe pain in my left calf when I ran the Rochester Half last month on 9/23. I was a little bummed and dejected about not running the Full but I got over it and looked forward to running the Half. A half marathon is more in my wheelhouse.

I was up at 5:11 AM ... time to rise and shine. I got out of bed around 5:45 AM. My darling wife, Christine, was soon up. We both got ready quietly and efficiently. I brewed the coffee for her and had my usual pre-race bowl of cereal and banana. The temp was in the low 40s so I packed the usual: shorts, last year's Empire State Marathon long sleeve tech and all my electronics (Garmin, MP3 player and earbud. I brought my OMEP, a flask of Hammer Gel and some ice in a small cooler to put in the OMEP before the start. I decided to wear my running pants and Brooks jacket for warmth until just before the race. We were on the road for NBT Stadium around 6:50 AM. We did have to stop sharply for a buck by the side of the road on Lake Shore Blvd near Culver Rd. He ambled across the road unharmed and we drove onward. I liked taking this route because it's the shortest way to get to I-590S but it does take you by areas where deer cross the road early in the morning. We stopped at the Port Byron Thruway rest area for a bathroom break. I also broke down and had an Egg McMuffin from McDonald's ... which turned out to be a good thing because I didn't get hungry later.

I knew about the road closures around the race so I exited I-690E at Hiawatha Blvd and got to NBT Stadium with no fuss. We parked around 8:40 AM in plenty of time for the 9:30 AM start. I didn't take any warm up. I stripped out of my pants and jacket before I kissed Christine goodbye.

Before ...
I asked her to met me at the finish line around 11:15 AM (1:45 from the start time). I meandered to the start behind home plate inside the stadium. We had a mass start at 8 AM outside the stadium last year. I liked the separate starts this year (8 AM for the marathon, 9:30 AM for the half and 10 AM for the 10K). I had a bit of trouble getting my MP3 player and earbud up and running but I was all set by the time the Star Spangled Banner was just about over.

And .... we were off! The course was simple .. just an out with a little loop at the end and then back. Easy-peasy. I tried to set up a nice and steady pace. I wanted to just get this half marathon done. I was running well so I tweaked my pace up a bit as we ran down 370 to the Onondaga Lake Park. The 5K split was 24:34, 7:55 pace. The temp and weather was perfect ... around 46F to 55F with partly sunny skies. Today was one of those days where everything felt great! I just kept on running.
I saw the lead half marathon runners coming back at me at mile 6 or so. Soon I was on my way back too. I settled in behind a lady who rocked a maple leaf tech shirt with 21.1 inside it ... obviously a runner from Canada. The 10 mile split was 1:20:38, 8:04 pace. I was a bit ahead of her until I slowed in mile 11 and 12. I took a cup of Gatorade at the last three aid stations. I forgot to take any gulps of Hammer Gel. My thighs started to ache around mile 9 so I slowed a bit as I ran back down 370 before I picked it up on the streets to the stadium during mile 13. I could see the stadium ... around to the front ... past the old finish in front ... into the stadium on the left field side ... I saw Christine standing in the bleachers ... we high fived ... and done in 1:46:18 according to my Garmin ... nice! I grabbed a mini bagel and a banana. Christine made her way over and gave me a kiss after I collected myself.

After ...
We walked up ... painfully for me ... to the stadium concourse. I met up with Prem Kumar who had run the marathon. He told me that he had been running 7:30 pace until mile 19 before he slowed. He still ran a 3:26:08 for first place in his M 40-44 age group. He has run 5 half marathons and 3 marathons in the past 8 weeks! He left quickly and ran the Wendell Hercules Running with Angels 5K in 28:31 with his 11 year old son, Ravi, back in Henrietta at 1 PM. Prem is quite the runner! I missed seeing Andy Ciaio. He had run the marathon in 3:45:38 and placed 3rd in the M 50-99 age group. I also missed Tim Hawkins. He ran his 65th half marathon in 2:38:25.

I finished in 1:46:10 chip time, 1:46:19 gun time, 8:07 pace, according to the results. I was 71st out of 470, 8th out of 64 in the M 50-99 age group, link here. There were 174 finishers in the marathon, link here. There were 280 finishers in the 10K, link here. Yeah ... I will email the race director about the lack of 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69 and 70+ age groups. I am pretty sure that a lot of other runners will do the same. Anyway ... my splits were: 7:59, 7:52, 7:52, 7:56, 7:59, 7:54, 7:59, 8:02, 8:01, 8:13, 8:22, 8:28, 7:56 and 7:45 over the last 0.23 mile. The Relive link to the Empire State Half is here.

So ... I was pretty pleased with my effort. The temp and weather were excellent for running. The course was pancake flat with 40 feet of elevation change. I didn't have any moments of "woe is me" and stayed positive. The result was my fastest half marathon of 2018. One might say that running the Rochester Half in 1:47:28 with 629 feet of elevation change was a better effort ... but time is what I remember.

We left fairly quickly. The loudspeakers blaring out the runners as they came in was pretty loud and I could tell that it was bothering Christine. We stopped at the Blue Ribbon Smoke House & Restaurant in Phelps on the way back. I had the Breakfast Sampler (pancake, scrambled egg and bacon). It was just enough to fill me up but overfill me.

I learned on Facebook that the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk in Rochester had over 10,000 walkers, link here. Steve and Kimberly Levitsky were down in Louisville KY and became Ironmen. Steve finished in 13:51:46. Kimberly finished in 15:13:38. She had trouble with the bike (2 flats and riding in on the rim to beat the cutoff by 10 minutes) and the run (beat the run turnaround cutoff by 3 minutes and the run cutoff by 4 minutes). They both conquered the course and the conditions (cold mist and temp in the low 40s)!

The Buffalo Bills continued not to impress. Game 6 was down in Houston versus the Texans. The starting QB, Josh Allen, was knocked with an elbow injury. Well ... they put in Peterman in and it looked OK for a while. The game was tied 13-13. Well ... he threw ... wait for it ... a pick 6 and then another INT. The Bills lost 20-13 to fall to 2-4, link here.

Monday, 10/15/2018: 1919 steps during the day, rest day.

I had the good sense to use Monday as a floating holiday. I lounged around with my darling wife, Christine, all day. She headed out to Polish Me Up to get her nails touched up.

Big Apple Red ... Ding! Ding! Chicken Dinner! We have a winning nail color!
She left me instructions on how to start making lasagna. I was nervous but her instructions seemed simple enough even for me. I browned the hamburger by putting it a pan and baking it at 350F. I checked it every 15 minutes and poured off the grease into a glass jar when necessary. An hour later the hamburger was browned and Christine was back. I started the water to boil and put in the lasagna strips. Then ... Christine took over. The end result was yummy!

I never knew that you could brown hamburger in an oven!
1/2 of the lasagna disappeared ... mmm!
Tuesday, 10/16/2018: 5405 steps during the day, rest day.

Today was ordinarily a run day but ... I decided to push my run to Wednesday. I felt that Christine and I needed some more time lounging around.

Wednesday, 10/17/2018: 12589 steps during the day, 5.15 miles, 43:21, 8:24 pace, 45F, 70% RH, 13 mph WNW wind, wind chill 39F, overcast with a bit of graupel.

I simply had to run tonight. It was cold and windy but ... I had to run. Luckily I had some extra clothes in my running bag. It was in the low 40s. I started with shorts and a long sleeve tech. I added another short sleeve tech, light running gloves and an ear warmer (open at the top) when I got out of the 2014 Cruze and felt the wind.. I was still a bit cold because the west wind had a bunch of bite to it. A month from now I will be used to it but not tonight. I set up a nice and steady pace. My thighs were a bit tight so I cut the run to 5 miles. I even had a bit of graupel (frozen rain pellets) fall on my head at mile 3 for a few hundred yards. My splits were: 8:19, 8:37, 8:33, 8:14, 8:11 and 7:53 over the last 0.15 mile. You can definitely tell at miles 4 and 5 that I turned and ran east or south!

Thursday, 10/18/2018: 18244 steps during the day, 8.15 miles, 1:07:45, 8:19 pace, 45F, 53% RH, 13 mph W wind, wind chill 39F, partly cloudy.

Back to my "Run on Thursdays" schedule. I got out just after 5 PM from Greece Arcadia High School like usual. I wore the same clothing as last night ... it seemed not as cold or maybe I just got used to it. I may have to pack my NoxGear Tracer360 next week. I do like to be seen when I run. It is getting darker and darker by the time I get done. Anyway ... I set a nice and steady pace and got a 8 mile run done. My splits were: 8:12, 8:34, 8:25, 8:06, 8:13, 8:08, 8:22, 8:26, and 8:43 over the last 0.15 mile. Boom ... done!

Friday, 10/19/2018: 5086 steps during the day, rest day.

Saturday, 10/20/2018: 11225 steps during the day, 2 runs of 2.25 and 3.14 miles, 50F, 87% RH, 7 mph W wind, wind chill 48F, sunny.

Today's race was my 4th Scare Brain Cancer Away 5K (2014 - 21:06, 2015 - 21:08 and 2016 - 21:46). I have also run Karknocker 5K (2012 - 20:18, 2014 - 21:23, 2015 - 21:56 and 2017 - 22:35) which uses the same course out in East Rochester. It's a nice course: flat and fast. The 20:18 in 2012 was my second fastest lifetime 5K.

I was awake at 6 AM. I had a fitful night of sleep. I had the wind last night. I got out of bed around 6:30 AM. I puttered around but I did my usual ... had my pre-race bowl of cereal and banana and got dressed for the conditions. It was around 50F so I wore shorts for my bottom and a long sleeve tech, short sleeve tech combo. I wore my Brooks jacket, beanie and gloves for warmth ... a bit of overkill. I kissed Christine goodbye and hit the road.

The drive to East Rochester High School took 22 minutes and I was there exactly at 8 AM in plenty of time for the 9 AM start. I ditched my Brooks jacket after I got my bib and latest favorite shirt. I got out for an easy, slow and somewhat long warm up run of 2.25 miles at 9:18 pace, link here. I was a bit overheated so I took off my short sleeve tech and Brooks beanie.

I met up with Andy Ciaio and his wife, Laura, at the start line before the race. Andy and I mentioned to each other that our PR times were behind us. I told him I would be happy to break 23. There were over 1000 runners signed up so it was a bit clustered. And ... we were off! The first 100 yards were a bit crowded and I got up to race pace OK. I remember seeing a few good costumes ... a woman dressed as Batgirl and another dressed as Wonder Woman.

What can I say about a 5K? This race had LED timers at miles 1, 2 and 3. I remember mile 1 was 7:14 and mile 3 was 22:00 when I ran by. I tried to pick up the pace a bit in mile 2 (didn't) and mile 3 (did). I sprinted to the finish and crossed just before 23 ... done! I had a couple cups of water and then went inside to the one of the best post race meals in Rochester. I had a slice of breakfast pizza, a Greek yogurt, a 2 inch slice of ham sub (with a nice selection of condiments to choose from) and chips ... mmm! Andy told me that I placed 2nd in my 60-64 age group. He finished 3rd in his 50-54 age group. I stuck around a long while for the awards and got a unique but generic medal. But ... it's a chance to cheer for fellow runners who get out there and get it done.

Obligatory SBCA 5K post race pic wearing my 2017 Empire State Full long sleeve tech
One of the best post race spreads after a 5K along with a free water bottle. There was a BBQ mini bun with my name on it outside too!
SBCA 5K bling
Officially, I finished in 22:57. I was 70th out of 1149, link here. I was 2nd out of 33 in my M 60-64 age group, link here. My splits were: 7:20, 7:36, 7:05 and 6:45. The Relive link to my Scare Brain Cancer Away 5K is here.